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About us

YourTravelBestiee is here to provide you with a unique, fun, and stress-free travel experience!

Our Story

Abril & Jenn

Our story begins in 2021 with both of us traveling alone to Miami for a music festival. In an effort to make friends, we joined a group chat of 100+ people all going to the same festival. With so many people active in this chat, we never connected or even knew the other existed. At the airport, Jenn sent a photo to the group with the location tagged and Abril quickly responded with a picture at the same terminal at the same airport. As we looked around, we realized we were sitting right behind each other. The whole time we were in the same group chat, going to the same festival, taking the same flight, and living literally 10 minutes from each other. It was fate!

Since our first trip to Miami, we became travel bestiees exploring over 10 cities and 3 countries together. We have similar travel styles and love researching to create the perfect itinerary for every new place we visit. A travel bestiee is always up for a new adventure and ready to book in that second. Our story started as strangers in an online chat with 100+ people that later trickled down to 32, then 15, and now 10. We found our travel bestiees that want to see the world as much as we do. The universe put us in each other’s paths to become bestiees. Now, we want to create that same opportunity for people worldwide to find their travel bestiees!

Why YourTravel Bestiee?

Whether you book with us for a group or private trip, you will have a travel experience unlike any other!

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